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Franchise Consulting Resources

When you choose to work with Upside Group Franchise consulting, the knowledge you gain and the sound advice and coaching you receive make franchising a business a stress-free endeavor. We provide our clients with the latest franchise industry resources, franchise sales and development resources, and franchise educational materials to guide them towards success. In addition to providing our clients with exceptional coaching and advice, Upside Group makes finding all of the information you need for franchising a business easy and convenient.

Franchising Basics

Franchising is a unique business model in which partial ownership is shared by several entities. In the franchise model, a group of businesses all share the same name, products, programs, or services, yet are owned by separate individuals (or group of people, such as with an LLC). Typically, there is a corporate office that is usually the original or “flagshipc” location.Click here to learn more about the basics of franchising.

Why Franchise My Business?

Franchising a business can be an incredibly rewarding process for all involved; some benefits include the revenue, ease of expanding a company and many others. Most likely business owners considering franchising their companies have many questions regarding the industry.Click here to learn more about the benefits of franchising.

Is my Business Franchiseable?

Utilize our free, online franchise industry resource center to read valuable tips, case studies and frequently asked questions such as, “Is franchising a business wise in today’s economy?” and “Will I make money as a franchisor or franchisee?” No question is too small and no worry is too big for us to address in our complementary franchise self-assessment.

How to Franchise a Business

Franchising a business is a multi-step process that in many cases takes multiple people, the franchise owner, franchisees, lawyers and franchise consultants. All the pieces together create a learning environment where it is possible for owners to learn how to franchise a business.Click here to learn more about the franchising process.

Educate yourself often on all of the valuable information regarding franchising a business in our helpful, online resource center. If the information you seek is not readily accessible on the left or not answered entirely, please contact us so we can better assist you.